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Panel Lok is without doubt the world's leading man entry UPVC spiral wound liner.  It is fast, economic, accommodates any shape of pipe and provides a permanent structural repair.

Man Entry Sewer Pipe Renovation
The aggressive environment produced within a large diameter trunk sewer pipeline can result in accelerated deterioration of the pipe structure.  Severe attack of pipes constructed of concrete, brick, and cement lined steel can result in the early failure of these pipes, creating the potential for costly community and environmental damage.

Man Entry Storm water Pipe Renovation
You can prevent road collapse, building subsidence, tree root intrusion, blockages and flooding by renovating your stormwater pipes with Panel Lok.  Panel Lok spirally wound liner forms a continuous lining to seal over cracks and structural defects in the pipeline, enhancing the pipes structural strength and restoring hydraulic capacity with its smooth bore.  The grouted annular space behind the "T" profiled liner bonds the liner to the existing pipe and fills any cracks and voids, thereby preventing any further ground movement.  The uPVC Panel Lok material is highly resistant to abrasive debris and is installed through existing gully inlet structures or access chambers, meaning NO EXCAVATION.  Even difficult sites are not a problem.

Manhole and Pump Well Renovation
• Structural Renovation and Protective Lining
• 100% Chemical Protection
• Custom Designs

Reinforced Systems
Occasionally, situations are encountered where the existing pipe is in such a critical condition that structural stability can only be assured by incorporating additional reinforcement in the lining systems which, when grouted forms a pipe within a pipe. With Panel Lok this is simple and fast using either mesh, strip or bar reinforcing steel.  Our engineers are expert in systems design and structural verification producing full structural calculations for every case.

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